It's alpha-0.0.10 developer version car game. Use for test not for play.
Car simulation test. We added a bad road to game. Add lights button inside car. You must look at it and after change color press Enter or Space to on/off. We make better steering. We add better connection to the ground for car tires.
Changes: real mass of car - about 500 kg, realistic tires, fast engine force, automatic transmission ( brake and letter D,R,P ). Cannon - Key S - block the gold ball in the cannon, Key W - unblock the ball in the cannon, Key A - fire the ball from the cannon, Key Q - help put the ball to the cannon
Add a rocket to game - rocket cameras - 6, 7, 8. Three Engines of rocket - Key U, I, O, You can park car in the rocket. Have a fun.
Game is a one-person or multiplayer network game.
Please test and send us your suggestions.
How to use game ?
  • Download Exe and Pck file to your computer in the same folder.
  • Start net.exe
  • If you want a single player click One Player Game and play.
  • If you want network multiplayer game - change number 1 to more players (2-10) and click Start Server and wait for other players.
  • If you are next player which want join to server - change ip adres to server address and Click Join Server Button. Wait for other players.
  • The game will start when all players are ready.
  • Game server use port 3300 which must open in your firewall if you are a server.
  • Keys 1 2 3 - cameras, ARROW KEYS - steering left and right, engine power up and down, SPACEBAR - brake, MOUSE - look around inside your car, ESC - quit game
  • The automatic transmission is at PARK position at the begining of the game.
  • Three golden balls in the cannon. KEY A,Z,X - fire each ball